Friday, February 29, 2008

Tips for a Happy Gymnast

It is the responsibility of the parents in any sport to ensure that the child knows what to expect. Gymnastics is certainly no different; the only difference is the moves performed rather than running dozens of laps or swimming for hours. Ensuring that you teach your child a few things can be a great help to their overall success in gymnastics as well as your sanity as the parent.

You should teach your child immediately that they are going to make mistakes. It is how they handle these mistakes that will determine their success. If a child is determined, that each time they try a new routine it must be perfect without fail then they are going to ultimately harm their self-esteem. It is important to understand that mistakes are going to happen, but accepting that fact and moving along to learn from them is very important.

Additionally, it is a wise idea to help your child decide what is most important to them in their life. Set up a schedule for their activities that reflects this. Whether their goal is to become an Olympic athlete or even just use gymnastics as a simple hobby having some specific ideas in mind about what they want to do in the future is often helpful in keeping young gymnasts focuses on the major goals that they have.

Another important lesson for your child is teaching patience with the dozens if not hundreds of repetitions that are necessary in order to truly master a skill. Many gymnasts practice a skill as many as thousands of times before the movement feels completely natural and flowing to them. This is not unheard of however; most children really do not have the patience for this and need help in learning this skill. It is important to really give your child the help they need in ensuring they practice enough. You can never do too many repetitions of a new skill.

Help your child prepare for competitions by expecting the unexpected. This means packing a complete first aid kit that can handle everything from rips to scrapes. Additionally having an extra uniform and even spare change of clothes is helpful. You should also ensure that you child has an extra pair of grips, and plenty of chalk to ensure that they are fully prepared. In addition, working with your child to practice their routine with music stopping in the middle and other stressful situations can help them relax and fully prepare for the competition.

One last step that all parents should take that is often overlooked is setting up a schedule that includes time away from gymnastics and school. Your child needs plenty of time to practice gymnastics of course, but it is also very important that they have the opportunity to rest and enjoy themselves as well. Working and pushing too hard can result in your child burning out or injuring themselves, which is never advisable.

Working together with your child’s coach none of these things are difficult. Working towards your child’s success is well worth the small amount of time that is necessary to ensure that you are setting them up to be a success rather than a failure. While everyone has different ways of handling schedules and stress working with your child to help them plan and adjust quickly is one of the best things you can do for your child.

Never be afraid to ask your child’s coach for help. If you have a problem and you are unsure of how to handle it, such as helping your child calm down before meets your child’s coach can usually help. They have the knowledge and experience to make your job as a parent much easier. Use them to your benefit, rather than avoiding them. They are here to help you and your child attain the exact results that you desire rather than leaving you frustrated and confused.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tattoos In History

What did President Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill's mother have in common? They both had tattoos. While Jennie Churchill's tattoo was allegedly covered for the sake of reputation, and Teddy Roosevelt's was simply in a location which was not readily visible, this information caused a stir amongst many of their day as well as modern-day history buffs. President Roosevelt's daughter Alice also had a tattoo which was in a concealed location. Neither Mrs. Churchill's nor President Roosevelt's artwork, however, lent itself to gaining a sense of respectability amongst the average citizens. Even when such notable figures possessed tattoos, they were still considered to be socially unacceptable for most people.

Going as far back as any studies have been on the subject, it is claimed that the "Ice Man" who lived some 3300 years B.C., had some form of tattoos. Upon discovering the remains, researchers have been able to do little but guess that this most primitive form of tattoo was for the purpose of warding off evil spirits, or that it may have been some type of rite-of-passage. Combined on his spine and behind one knee and on one ankle, the Ice Man had approximately fifty-seven tattoos. While it is impossible to do more than speculate as to the actual reason for them, it certainly shows that tattoos are not unique to current eras nor to the people in the modern-day world. As the Ice Man was the oldest mummified human remains found in Europe, today's tattoo fans have history on their side-- there's nothing "modern" about tattoos.

In the distant past, tattoos were connected to an entirely different nature than they have been during the last few decades. There was nothing notorious or rebellious about them. It used to be that tattoos were reserved for those of high social standing, and were not available to average people. Tattoos were only available to-- and a sign of-- those who were wealthy, important, and usually in some high position of government or royalty. Sweden's King Oscar had tattoos; so did England's King George the fifth. In that era, tattoos were a status symbol.

In other time-periods, tattoos also served specific purposes. Going the furthest back in American history, many Native American tribes utilized the practice of tattoos; it was primarily for the purpose of showing one's connection to one's specific tribe. For the Polynesians, tattooing was a method of relating family history; each individual person had his own individual tattoos to show the story of his family. Some of the earliest explorers on the American continent have been said to have acquired this practice from the Polynesians' forms of tattoos.

Two of the oldest Egyptian mummies were discovered to have had tattoos. These tattoos, which have only been found on female mummies, consist of patterns of lines, dots and dashes. As the women themselves were connected to ritualistic practices, it is assumed that the tattoos they had in common were in some way representative of that fact. It is only speculation on the parts of the researchers, of course, based on their knowledge of the lifestyles of that period in time.

Although Oriental symbols are quite popular for tattoos in America, it is not widely known that both the Japanese and Chinese cultures have held a strong opposition to the practice of tattooing throughout history. With both societal and religious viewpoints agreeing that tattooing is something which should not be done, it is still considered to be a means of contaminating one's body. For the ancient Chinese, tattooing was used as a punishment for criminal activity, putting such visible marks on a person to forever brand him as a criminal.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spaghetti Etiquette in Italian Food

The most popular and widely recognized Italian food today is spaghetti. However, it seems that no other Italian food has caused such consternation in figuring out the polite way to eat it. It has become so bad that when taking a date to eat Italian food, both parties will avoid the spaghetti in order avoid making a mess or looking less than attractive while eating it. Spaghetti is a delicious Italian food and there doesn't need to be all this stress associated with eating it in public. Forget what you've been told what follows is how you eat spaghetti.

First off, if you are fortunate to be eating at an Italian food restaurant or Italian home that is actually in Italy, then you need to keep your hands on the table. Now when I say hands, I mean hands, still no elbows. Also, be sure to wait until everyone is served before you start to eat. The most often repeated Italian food advice given is to use a spoon to aid in eating spaghetti. Unfortunately this is also the most widely spread Italian food myth. Whatever you do, don't use a spoon. It is considered very bad form. Just use your fork, I'll explain how to do it and keep your Italian food on your fork and not on the table or your shirt. Another oft repeated word of advice is to simply cut the spaghetti noodles shorter. Again, this is erroneous. Spaghetti is about ten inches long and is the right length, you should never cut it. It's also important not to slurp the spaghetti.

Any sounds you make while eating are considered rude. Italian food is known for its wonderful sauces, be careful not to splatter them all over the table and your clothes. On this note, don't ever wear a napkin like a bib; it is very tacky and inappropriate. While spaghetti might be your favorite Italian food, it is not a dish that should be served for large or formal parties, largely because of the issues that cause an article of this nature to be written. Choose instead to serve an Italian food comprised of short pasta that is easier to serve and eat.

Now it is time to teach you the proper technique to use when eating that ever popular Italian food, spaghetti. Spaghetti is served in a bowl with a rim. You want to push the spaghetti to the center of the bowl, making room at the front. Now take a little bit of the spaghetti with your fork and push it to the front of the bowl. Now hold your fork vertically with the prongs against the rim and turn the fork clockwise in order to wrap the noodles around the fork. Then lift your fork and examine the length of the noodles hanging to see if it's a good idea to proceed with putting it in your mouth. It is always best to err on the side of caution and put too little rather than too much spaghetti on your fork.

If you need to, lower the fork back down and take a smaller bunch of noodles and twirl them again. Better to take a little time than to end up with Italian food all over the place. Following these tips will ensure that you impress your friends at an Italian food restaurant and get invited back to eat Italian food at a family's home.

Favorite Drinks of Mexico

Mexico offers quite a few unique drinks. Some include fruits, and nuts while others include milk. Some are served warm, while others are chilled. These drinks have become a favorite in Mexico. There are traditional drinks, some of which originate from Spain.

Horchata is a drink that originates from Spain. It is very popular in Mexico. It is perfect for hot days. Nuts are used for this drink. They are ground and mixed with water, sugar and sometimes lemon juice. The mixture is then put through a filter process. The drink is served ice cold. It refreshes and cools down the drinker. Horchata is also popular with rice added. It can be found at Mexican restaurants in the United States along with Mexican grocery stores.

Aguas Frescas are another popular drink found in Mexico. It consists of water, fruit juices and sugar. Many vendors in Mexico sell Aguas Frescas. Flavors you may find are Watermelon, Mango, Pineapple, and Strawberry. These types of drinks are also made in other countries under different names.

In Mexico you will still find brands for soft drinks that are familiar in America, such as Coca Cola, Sprite, and Pepsi. They also have their own brands, on being Sidral, which is apple-flavored. Coffee is also another popular drink in Mexico. You will be able to find Espresso and cappuccino in the cafes. For something more exotic there is the drink, café de olla. It is made by being stewed for hours with the ingredients being cinnamon and sugar, which gives it a sweet and rich flavor. Outside of the cafes, it is common to find people making instant coffee. Mexicans also enjoy tea. The tea of choice is usually mint or chamomile.

Mexico also offers many drinks of alcohol. One that is much known in America is the Margarita. Tequila is the alcohol in the drink. Margaritas come in a variety of flavors and colors. It is served with ice, or blended with ice making it a frozen drink. There are a few tales on who is the original maker of the margarita. It is known that people in the 1930s were enjoying these drinks. This drink is still popular to this day. Mexico also drinks beer. They have several brands, the biggest being Cerveza. Mexican-made brands that are popular in the United States include Corona and Sol. Pulque is a milky style beer that is popular amongst the poor. It is made from sap and is thick. It usually takes some time to get used to drinking. A drink that makes people think of Mexico is Tequila. It consists of agave cactus and is produced mainly in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is served with a side of lime and salt.

There are many more drinks that are found in Mexico. There are recipe books that can help you create new drinks. Next time you are planning a backyard fiesta, try adding some new flavor. Your guests will not be disappointed to quench their thirst with south of the border drinks.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

naim vs nayem

naim vs nayem
starts out as teaching u how 2 shuffle ends in assault!!!!!!

Porn Queen

Lurid tales of modern life told between the pearly whites. Brought to you in glistening Saliv-A-vision, these quick flicks are the very best in oral entertainment.



Official Jared Gold's Caspian 2007 Runway Event

The official Caspian video of Jared Gold's Caspian 2007 runway event featuring Clint Catalyst as the host, and runway models including Lisa D'Amato, Audrey Kitching, Raquel Reed, Stevie Ryan, Nyabel Lual.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet Cat Plays

Sweet cat stands on its back feet and plays.

Ultimate Ownage Video

People getting hurt.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A History of Evil

Animated Documentary-Mockumentary about Evil in western civilization from Ancient Greece to present day.

After all the comments I feel like some clarification is in order, but firstly, to you guys that liked it:

Thanks, you've made my day.

The film was intended to show what people have believed in and pointed to as evil throughout history. It was meant to get you to think about what evil really is. It is meant to show that when we get too obsessed with "evil" we might end up taking part in it ourselves.

One has to separate evil and human cruelty. Human cruelty is people not being nice to one another. Evil is soemthing else, it is something we have created, a word and a concept for things that are not acceptable. It is a label for things that we do not understand and dont want to understand.

But is evil really ever a complete explanation for anything?

A lot of bad deeds has been done in the name of good. The people that did them ment good, are they evil?

OK, and finally,
This video is not meant to:

-blame wester culture and people for all the "evil" in the world. I'm european, and thought that I better stick to my own history.
-blame religion for all the evil in the world.
-claim that God is dead. (It is simply a reference to the philosopher Nietzsce, look him up.)
-offend anyone, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
-claim that Elvis was evil.
-be an exact and complete account of the actual events that has taken place throughout history.

This was a student project, hence the "unfinishedness" and abrupt ending. I ran out of time. I might update it later.

It was animated frame by frame in flash and composited and textured in AfterEffects

2008 Mitsubishi EVO - Exclusive Interview Pt.2

In the 2nd episode of this 3-part series videotaped at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona, The Auto Channel's Mark Fulmer talks with professional rally racer, Nate Tennis, about the new Lancer EVO MR and gets some driving tips. See all 3 episodes in hi-rez video at

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Ronnie 2007 By Iamhere!

Here are shown new and inedit skills of the bresilian crack of Barcelona. Even if you think Ronaldinho is not the greatest player of the moment, you'll change tour opinio... More»n

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sexy high-heeled girls crowd Russia's streets

The streets beat the rhythm of thousands of high heels pounding the cold pavement - in Moscow every street is a catwalk, and its high fashion culture can come as a surprise to the flat-heeled foreign visitor. With no compromises made between style and comfort, Russian women dress to impress whatever the weather. Their essential uniform is glamour, fur and perfect make-up.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Acid Bomb

This is the result of a bored person...(me)...looking at a few "how to make a hommade bomb videos" then calling his older brother to help him and his cusin to film the wh... More»ole thing...I want to take this time to thank my other cusin Bruno for editing this video

How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked

Criss Rock and his 7 pointers how not to get your ass kicked by the police.

Friday Vs Monday

The difference between going to work on Mondays and on Fridays

Funny Moments Compiliation

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sasha Chanoff - Mapendo

Sasha Chanoff - Mapendo - Watch the best video clips here
There are over 3 million refugees across Africa who have fled their homes due to violent conflict and persecution." That's how Sasha Chanoff, Executive Director of Mapen... More»do International, approached Global X at the Skoll World Forum. A very convincing opener..

Missing Snake

Sobe Life Water Super Bowl Commercial: Naomi Campbell

Sobe Life Water Super Bowl Commercial thirty naked lizards dance with Naomi Campbell to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" after drinking Sobe LifeWater, which charges the liza... More»rds with rhythm

Office Fun

This commercial shows us how important candy at the office is!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

How To Put A Egg In Bottle

How To Put A Egg In Bottle

Posture Evaluation

Posture Evaluation

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Native American Girl

While attending a Pow Wow, Jason captured the beauty of this young Native American girl on film. He translated her image onto canvas. After many hours of painstaking atte... More»ntion to detail and color he has once again created a work of art that displays not only his talent as an artist,but his passion for each creation. This portrait is now in a Limited Edition Print Visit Jason's site to experience his other beautiful and unique works of art.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crash Compilation

Crash Compilation

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Slipped Away

This video is actually a remake of the 1st AMV I ever made. I made this 10 months ago, so I have improved a lot. I remember that it didn't take that long, but I think it ..

Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Use For Bananas

This guy found a new use for bananas.

A Lesson in Towing

What works and what doesn't when trying to restrain a car.

Friday, February 1, 2008

How To Stop Farting

30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie

Celebutantes Part 2 - Cricket